Tamborine Mountain Distillery

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery is a successful Queensland, based business that for the last twenty-seven years has produced and distributed a wide range of specialised liqueurs and spirits nationally.

The Company was founded back in 1993 by Michael and Alla Ward and has grown over the years into an iconic tourism facility and award winning liqueur and spirit brand. In October 2017, with the retirement of the founders, the business was successfully sold to Tamborine International Pty Ltd.

The business mission is to increase the national and international and digital marketing footprints of the brand whilst retaining the small artisanal and the strong environmental aspects of the brand, and the Company that our loyal customer base has come to love.

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery has developed an “artisanal distillery” that for the last twenty seven years has produced a number of internationally awarded specialized spirits including, but not limited to: -

· Liqueurs
· Fruit Liqueurs
· Herbal Liqueurs
· Vodka
· Absinthe
· Gin
· Rum
· Eaux de Vie
· Aquavit
· Fruit Brandy

Some of the unique selling points (USP’s) of the business include:-

➢ Iconic brand name ‘Tamborine Mountain Distillery;
➢ Boutique and artisanal reputation;
➢ Huge range of liqueur and spirit products
➢ Trademarked brands and companies (TMD, 2 Rooz and the Australian Vodka Company)
➢ Huge list of international awards, 330 in total, making TMD the most awarded Australian Distillery this century;

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