Pedros Cafe, Aratula

Beautiful historical cafe in Aratula with restaurant quality breakfast and lunch, Campos Coffee and always excellent service

The cafe is owned by Pedro and Kerri. Pedro comes from the Basque country in northern Spain where the tradition for good food runs very deep. Both Pedro and Kerri have a passion for food and for operating everything they do at the highest level of quality possible.

Our mission is to provide excellent food and coffee along with excellent customer service for every customer, every time. Our values are quality, cleanliness, efficiency while making everyone who comes through our door feel welcome and at home while they visit with us.

We provide breakfast meals, lunch meals, high quality Campos coffee, our special recipe fried chicken, chips and hot food, sandwiches, wraps and paninis, cakes and slices. Everything is of high quality, served with excellent customer service.

Our business is different, we believe due to our passion for quality in everything we do. We run a strict, efficient business, but our staff are happy and believe in what they do. This flows through to the quality of our food, and the quality of our customer service.


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