Hobbs Building and Interiors

Custom Builder who specialise in steel frame construction (residential and commercial) with over 20 years industry experience

With more than 20 years industry experience we have a passion for steel frame construction, sustainable products and interior design.

Hobbs Building and Interiors We work with local suppliers and contractors who share the same eco-friendly and client focused values that we do.

Custom builds that deliver client dreams with quality craftmanship that prioritise innovative and sustainable solutions.

Hobbs Building and Interiors specialise in:

  • Residential: Steel and timber frame homes, sloping sites and acreage properties.
  • Tourism and Commercial: Accomodation, cabins and commercial.
  • Interiors: Design, styling and home staging services for resale, photo shoots and media.
  • Communication: Client-focused two-way communication, supporting software and project management solutions
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