Franklin Constructions

Residential and Commercial steel frame builders

Franklin Constructions was originally titled ‘Franklin Brothers Builders’ and was owned and run by three brothers, Don, Roy and Stuart Franklin. Making a name for themselves as a quality family run building company, the three brothers worked on several projects around the Beaudesert community, including the Canungra Army Barracks and surrounding homes. This enabled them to build successful and ongoing relationships with numerous organisations and companies within the region. When first starting the business, the intention was to build in pine timber, however shortly after, the brothers were convinced otherwise, learning that the benefits of using steel were too numerous to ignore.

Their first new home built in steel, was in Cryna, Beaudesert in 1973, followed shortly after by Don’s home, also in Beaudesert. By the 1980’s, the Franklin’s factory was producing about 20 steel homes per year. Business has come a long way from hand drawn plans to the computer-generated planning and costing programs now currently used. After Roy and Stuart retired, the business was owned and run by Don and his wife Thea. A name change occurred to what is now known as Franklin Constructions. Succeeded now by Don’s two sons, John and Campbell Franklin, the business has grown and has employed many long standing staff members including two who have been dedicated employees for fifty years.

Franklin Constructions is a proudly Australian owned and operated family business, servicing South East Queensland in the construction industry for over 55 years. With a strong focus on community, the Franklin’s team takes pride in upholding their unwavering reputation for honesty, reliability and high quality service.

Owner Directors John and Campbell Franklin work closely with each client through every stage of the building process. The Franklin’s team can customise steel frame homes or commercial projects, creating a design that caters specifically to each client’s needs, and delivers a result to be enjoyed for years to come.

Developing a deep understanding of the project and what matters to each client, and ensuring that the construction process is carried out in the most cost effective and timely manner. Franklin Constructions uses local contractors and suppliers whenever possible, embedding their support for their local community through each and every job.

Mission Statement.
We employ and train apprentices and trainees to ensure the successful development and growth of individuals,
business and industry.

Core Values
Forthright and honest
 We are proud of who we are and we will be open and honest in our dealings.

 Innovative, flexible and resourceful
 We will actively seek out and capitalise on the opportunities provided by the system in which we work and through innovative practices, contribute to a productive and skilled work force.

 Outcomes oriented – we deliver – with passion
 Our success is dependent upon our ability to produce highly performing people that are fiercely passionate about what they do.

 Market driven – we listen
 Satisfying the needs of our markets is the key to our survival.

 We will monitor market needs and strive to produce quality products and services to match those needs.

 Committed to continuous improvement
 We are driven by a desire to continually improve all areas of our performance.

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