On track for growth in the Scenic Rim

Posted: 8th May

SCT Logistics – Australia's largest private rail freight operator – has been operating rail logistics solutions in the Scenic Rim since January 2017.

Since its first freight train rolled into Bromelton on its maiden voyage from Melbourne, the company has grown its local workforce by more than 50 per cent.

SCT's General Manager, Pat Kerin said that the first three years of operating in Bromelton were challenging but rewarding.

"The business had to constantly develop more efficient ways to operate, however we have developed a strong, loyal workforce and, as we continue to grow, there will be opportunities to expand our team.

"Our next stage of growth will include the expansion of our temperature-controlled capabilities within the site," said Mr Kerin.

Each week, four trains arrive and depart the terminal, transporting much needed freight both into the Brisbane area and from Queensland to other parts of the country. Upon arrival into the terminal in SCT’s Bromelton terminal, the freight is unloaded and distributed by truck to customers in the Brisbane area.

SCT Logistics built the $30 million intermodal terminal at the Bromelton State Development Area to provide seamless rail freight connection between Victoria and Queensland. The intermodal facility offers rail haulage services, as well as warehousing and property solutions.

Types of roles within SCT as a transport and logistics company include:

  • planning and scheduling
  • warehousing and distribution
  • management
  • purchasing
  • sales
  • customer service,
  • train shunters
  • in-yard train drivers
  • reach stack operators, and
  • labourers.